Can't find my weather station


Typed in my address
Typed in nearest town
Typed in wunderground station name
In all cases your map shows only one of three stations near me…
Glassy Mountain.
Mine is Cliffs @ Glassy and my near neighbor is Cliffs at Glassy.
The only one your map shows is KSCLANDR1.

How do I find and save the other two ???

If you search for “Landrum, SC”, the search results will center right on Landrum. Depending on the size of your station search window, you might not be able to see those weather stations on the map. Click and drag the map to the right so you can see the weather stations West of the Chestnut Ridge Heritage Preserve.

The only station in your search database is Glassy Mountain (KSCLANDR1)
There are two other stations on that mountain, mine Cliffs @ Glassy (KSCLANDR3) and a nearby neighbor’s Cliffs at Glassy.
I can’t get your search to show but one on that mountain, yet on wunderground they exist.
Don’t need to drag the map, it’s already showing Glassy Mountain, but not the other two.



The trick was to ZOOM the map, then my station shows.