Cannot view WWL main window

I haven’t been able to see anything inside the main WWL window since the last update a few days ago. I have a tray temperature icon, and can view the tooltip, but all I see in the information area are the tabs at the top with Update, Now, Hourly, Daily, etc. I can’t navigate at all. I’ve removed the program and reinstalled it and reinstalled it without removing. Nothing has fixed the problem. Suggestions?

Try the following:

1) If Weather Watcher Live is running, right-click the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon and choose Exit to shut it down.

2) Delete the following folder (you’ll find it in one of the following locations):

C:\Users[Windows Username]\AppData\Roaming[b]WeatherWatcherLive[/b]

C:\Documents and Settings[Windows Username]\Application Data[b]WeatherWatcherLive[/b]

3) Start Weather Watcher Live.

Please let me know if that resolves this issue.

I found the file and removed it, but I still have a blank page in the WWL main window. I also installed the program again and rebooted. No main window. I can get to the popup menu from the tray icon and can use those selections, but that’s all.

Please post a screenshot of the main window. If needed, see the following link for instructions on taking a screenshot:

OK, here’s a screenshot of what I see.

Do you have Jscript disabled for IE?

bluejay, what do you see if you open the following link in Internet Explorer?

=D> Clever page but as coded won’t it display “enabled” in either case?

This is what I have used in the past:


Javascript not enabled. Browser view limited. [/code] And yes I know it's old style code.

It says:
JavaScript is enabled

I attached a shot of what I think shows that JavaScript is enabled in my browser settings.

bluejay, that all looks good.

Is the Store user files in the Weather Watcher Live program folder box checked in the General section of the Weather Watcher Live Options? If so, uncheck that and restart Weather Watcher Live.

Ed_P, I think my code works as-is.

That worked! I can see what’s in the main window now. Thanks for troubleshooting. :D/

Not to belabor the point since the issue is mute, all I was trying to say is your code does not issue a message if Javascript is not enabled. In that situation one simply sees a blank screen which doesn’t tell them anything.

Ed_P, that’s not what I found when testing in IE (and Firefox).

Ah, I see my problem. I was using the HTML view of the source rather than the Script view.

Thanks for the hand holding Mike. :icon_smile: