Cannot get it to work

I just downloaded and installed WWL on FF 7.0.1 but I cannot get it to work correctly. In the options I elected to have it displayed on the menu line and I see a globe icon followed by a vertical bar, followed by a square with diagonal lines, followed by NA with a dropdown that displays a white square when I click on it, followed by another vertical line, followed by another square with diagonal lines.

Try the following:

1) Right-click the Weather Watcher Live toolbar and choose “Options…”. Ensure that you’ve added a weather station in the “Stations” section.

2) Right-click the Weather Watcher Live toolbar and choose “Retrieve Weather”.

Thanks Mike, we have success. I added two more stations, to the one I originally had, and now it is working. I now see four sections to the toolbar

  1. World globe icon
  2. Icon for current condition and temp
  3. Icons for the next three hours
  4. 6 icons for today and the next five days

Should the following be in the suggestion area?

I don’t see an option to display any text along with the icons. Am I missing something? For me it would be helpful to see text to identify what each icon is for (e.g. 13H, 14H, 15H for section three to ID the time (I use 24 hour format) - TD (for today), TH (for Thursday), FR (for Friday) etc. for section four)

When I mouse over the globe I see the radar map for my area, when I click on the icon a portion of that map is displayed in a new tab (my choice to have it in a new tab). Why do I only see a portion of the map in the tab and the station is not the center of the map. I expected to see my station in the center of the map in the new tab.

The current condition icon is the only icon that displays text. You must mouse over the other icons to see more information. That is by design.

The map defaults to whatever is in WeatherBug’s data feed. If you right-click the toolbar and choose “Change Map…”, you can set the map to the URL of your choice.