"cannot find internet connection"

just down loaded weather watcher mobile 1.0.4 after upgrading to net 2.0. i have an AximX51v and when i try to do anything the message comes up “cannot find internet connection”. i am able to connect to the internet using any other program i have. this is the only program that displays this error message.

How are you connecting to the Internet?

can not find internet

I am using the Active Sync connection to my laptop computer. The laptop is getting to the internet via a high speed satelite conection.

cannot find internet

I too am having the same problem using my Verizon Samsung SCH-730i using the phone’s internet connection over the EVDO network.

I am connected to the internet because I can browse the web but cannot connect and download weather updates.

DustyW, I’m using Verizon’s network on my Pocket PC too. Do you ever have any trouble connecting to the Internet with other applications? Are you using any connection-related settings that you would consider to be non-standard (something you changed)?

Cannot find internet connection

I am using no special settings.

I am able to send and receive email and can connect and browse the internet using all of the programs installed on this PDA.

Connection to Internet Problem ~

Hi Mike ~
Decided that I will not want to start a new thread on this… so here I go… :iconbiggrin:

I was previously having no problems with Weather Watcher…
But when I did a hard reset today on my HP6965, I found that I am not able to search for the state or the country, resulting in the “cannot find internet connection” problem. :???:

I actually followed your response to another thread which I have to try and run a URL that led to a DownloadTest.exe. I tried that, I had no problem with it. I could even surf the Internet on it without problem.

But after I went back to Weather Watcher, the same problem persists. :sad:

Are there any inside changes? I am sure that Weather Watcher grabs the information from the weather websites, but I keep wondering what will be the that that stopped it from updating? :wink:

Any other things that I can aid in the testing? I really want to solve this problem as I enjoyed having weather forecast on my PDA instead of needing to surf the net to get it… :wink:

Same problem

I am having the same problem here
“cannot find internet connection”

Mine is a HTC Touch, running windows mobile 6.1
I can access other sites like www.weather.com using my browser
Also the HTC´s today plugin for weather works fine regarding weather updates

Mike - is there a workaround / fix for this? I also have an HTC Touch running latest Windows Mobile. IE works fine. I use WW on my laptop and would really like it on my mobile.

paulderdash, not as of yet – as I think it is a problem with Windows Mobile. Weather Watcher Mobile uses the .NET Framework. As far as I understand it, the .NET Framework determines which Internet connection will be used. I’m not sure there is a way to force Weather Watcher Mobile (for instance) to use a docked connection instead of a mobile dial-up connection.

What kind of Internet connection is your mobile device using? If you dock your mobile device, does Weather Watcher Mobile connect then?