can not send or receive

Hi Mike
I have Windows XP Pro with SP2. I have a couple of problems with StickIt. First I can’t send or receive to/from another user not on my network. We have enabled UDP port 1979 in the Windows Firewall exception list. (hope this is the right place) We both have the server turned ON. Any suggestions?

Secondly, after I have tried to send a note by clicking “Send a New Note” and typing a note to the other user (that is not getting the notes anyway)and then click “Create Note” nothing happens. Then when I click “Create a New Note”, the note I tried to send is still in the new note window. If I delete the text in the window and type a new note and click Create Note, still nothing happens… the note is not added to my desktop. Now, if I exit the program and start it up again, the new note area is clear and will post to my desktop.