Can it do this

is there a MAXIMIZE option ? ie make it take the whole screen ? even the start bar ie REALLY full screen ?

is there a way to make it simulate a PORTRAIT display ? (I am hanging a tablet computer on the wall to run this and portrait would be better since landscape wastes a lot of space for this application

is there a way to make the INTERFACE icons larger so its more “finger” friendly ? and can I make it display a “split” screen kind of thing say half Current Conditions Half Daily Forcast type of thing ?

even better would be a three way split. top “third” and bottom “2/3” with the bottom being forcast

the top is then split in half with left being current conditions and the right being “advisories and warnings” thus way EVERYTHING I want would be on a single screen.

can this maybe be skinned this way ? if so I can probably do the html etc… but no idea how to make it portrait (IE rotate it 90" which way dont matter.

thanks ! this program so far is simply amazing !!

finally a weather app that does not SUCK :slight_smile:

Chris Taylor

All of those things would be possible if you edited your forecast/interface skins. It’s not an easy thing to grasp if you’ve never done it… and I do not have documentation out yet.

I have no time to play with it for the next few days but I will try unless I hear otherwise

are FRAMES supported ? I might be able to get a lot of what I want if I can impliment frames

what I really need it a way to make it display sideways so I can orient the tablet in “portrait” mode (windows 98 does not seem to support OS portrait otherwise this would be easy :slight_smile:

Chris Taylor