can I streamline the hourly forecast?

Is there a way to use Weather Watcher Live but have it look more like the regular Weather Watcher? I find it’s much more difficult to take in the information at a glance with the WWL layout. For example, I like hourly forecasts in a simple table like:

10 am 50
11 am 51
12 am 53

This is actually how it’s down on the weatherbug site itself, but for some reason you have a much less scanable display. I know it seems like a small thing, but for me it’s the deciding factor in weather I keep using WWL or just go back to WW.

No – unless you create a new skin or modify the Splendid skin layout.

If I had the time to learn how and do it I probably would, but given the realities of a limited number of hours to the day, going to the regular weather watcher might make more sense. :icon_smile:

Yes, that would be easiest for now :icon_smile:

FYI, this is on my to-do list for Weather Watcher Live. I agree that it would be easier to visually navigate if the data was lined up in columns.


Couldn’t a user create something like this using the ‘Data Export’ function?

Seems like that would be the simplest method without requiring the recreation of the entire skin.

jeromy, sure, if you wanted to view the data somewhere other than the Weather Watcher Live interface. I don’t think that’s cherold’s intention though.