Can I remove the globe icon?

Hello, is there any way to remove the globe icon? I can’t find anything in options to remove it but I just want to display the temperature with the weather icon.

Please post a screenshot of the globe icon. If needed, see the following link for instructions on taking a screenshot:

Okay… well here’s a screenshot of my status bar. To the left of the cloud in the status bar is the globe icon I’m talking about.

Ah, so you’re using the Firefox extension, and not Weather Watcher Live. That makes sense now :icon_smile:

I’ve never thought of removing the globe icon, but I can see how that would be a useful option when attempting to keep the toolbar as compact as possible. I’ll make a note to add that option to an upcoming release.

Thanks. And my apologies for posting in the wrong topic. I didn’t know you had a program with that name.

Do you have an estimate of when you expect to release the next firefox version? If not, it’s okay. I just thought I would ask. Everything else about the extension is really useful and much appreciated.

I have another release that’s currently pending approval (includes some fixes). I’m new to creating Firefox extensions, so I don’t know how many days it normally takes for the approval process to go through. I’ve waited about four days so far.

As for your suggestion, it’ll most likely make it into the release after the pending release. If all goes well, it might take a week to get the next release ready. I could certainly post it here when it’s ready too… and then it’ll show up on Mozilla’s site once they approve it.

Well that’s one nearly perfect add on for being new to the add on’s game. The icons look fresh, the info’s easy to read, and the options are almost all there. But even right out of the box it’s great. So kudos for this one. I already talked my friend into swapping forecast fox for this.