C2.lop identified temp file

Spybot Search & Destroy identifies the Weather Watcher temp file as containing c2.lop…a spybot/browser hijacker. Reviews of Weather Watcher state no spyware, among other things…but as long as Weather Watcher is running, the temp file is present in the Windows XP temporary folder. Does anyone have an explanation???

You sure that’s a WW temp file? I’ve ran Spybot and Ad-Aware with the latest updated definitions and it doesn’t find WW temp files to be spyware…

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FYI – I’ve talked to “Goober Peas” via e-mail and we figured out that the “Spybot Search & Destroy” program has flaws of its own. It was incorrectly identifying Weather Watcher as spyware.

Don’t even waste your time checking my software for spyware. I am totally against it… it is not and will not even be a part of any of my software.

My apologies. Spybot Search & Destroy does indeed indicate the temp file created by WW as containing C2.lop. To test that result, I downloaded and ran Ad-aware 6…it found no C2.lop. Furthermore, Mike assures me that none of his software contains spyware. It appears that Spybot is somewhat overly sensitive…a fact which I have communicated to Patrick Kolla, creator of Spybot. On the upside, I guess it’s better to be overly sensitive than under.

Patrick Kolla, creator of Spybot, writes:
“…if Spybot-S&D just detects “*.tmp”, that’s kind of a bug in the link - the working directory in the link properties is not set - set the working directory correctly and Spybot-S&D will either detect the
correct .tmp file or none.”

Upon investigation, this indeed was the cause of the problem.