Bug with views

I’m italian and i don’t speak very well English. I’ll try to inform you of my bug.
I use this version of Weather Watcher: 5.6.25.(But i tried with other versions)
When i want to click, in the sections Current, Hourly, Daily and Detailed, i obtain a window that includes an error with a button OK. After i clicked on Ok, the program automatically close and i can’t reach information of weather.
The error is the following:
Run-time error ‘-2147417848(80010108)’: Automation Error
This error happends any time i try to click on the buttons listed before.
Please How can i deleted this error?
I also tried to uninstalling and reinstalling the software, but the results are equals to the previous.
Please help me!!!

What version of Windows do you use?

I suspect you are missing a Visual Basic subroutine but I don’t remember which one WW uses. Mike??