(BUG) "Temp" icon disappears when dragging sometimes!!

Sometimes when I drag the Weather Watcher Live system tray icons around in the system tray the “Temp” icon disappears.

And sometimes it comes back by itself and other times I have to open the main window and click “update weather” and then it returns after that.

I have seen the missing icon act for a while now.

Is there any chance you can find out what causes this and hopfully fix it?

Here is a Screen Shot of what it looks like when it happens.


I am running Windows 7 64 Bit and Weather Watcher Live Version 7.0.41


Just an update on this issue.

The missing temp icon even happens sometimes when I just move my mouse cursor over the temo icon.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue on my Windows 7 64-bit computer. Are you able to consistently reproduce this behavior? If so, please list the steps I should follow to do so.

No I can not make it happen consistently.

It just happens at random times either when dragging the temp icon around in the system tray or sometimes even just hovering my mouse cursor over the temp icon causes it to disappear.

And I have seen in the past that when the temp icon is missing if I open the main window and update the weather the temp icon comes back again.

Its strange but when the temp icon disappears its not showing of course but you can tell that there is still somethimg there in the system tray where the temp icon should be showing. If you put the mouse cursor over where the temp icon should be it looks like a blank icon is there. Its kind of hard to expain.

Maybe what I will try and do is take video of my desktop and see if I can make the temp icon disappear.

I will update again with the video downoad link if and when I am able to get a video of the disappearing temp icon :slight_smile:

Just wondering but has any other users here seen this bug besides me?

I wonder if another program or even system tray icon could be interfering with the temp icon?

And this disappearing temp icon issue has been happening as long as I can remember.

Ok quick update!

Mike if you can do this test for me please :icon_smile:

Open the main Window of Weather Watcher Live and click 'Update" in the top left of the main window to update the weather. And right after you click update start moving the 2 weather system tray icons around. Keep moving them one in front of the other. And you then should see the temp icon disappear and then reappear again pretty quickly. Try this test at least few times please to make it happen.

Now doing this test is just to show you that the temp icon can and does infact disappear. The thing is when doing this test the temp icon does only disappear for maybe 1 or 2 seconds and then comes back.

But like I said I have seen where the icon even disappears on it own sometimes and does not come back until I click update in the main window of Weather Watcher Live. Or even just hovering my mouse cursor over the temp icon has cause it to disappear.

I am not a programmer of course but what I think is causing the disappearing has something to do with when weather watcher Live is Retrieveing a “Weather update” from the servers. Like its having probelms updating the temp icon picture.

And if that is indeed the case could that new info help in fixing the disappearing act of the temp icon?

I hope this new info can maybe help you better figure out what is going on perhaps :icon_smile:

I can still post the video if you need it.

Thanks for the info. I followed your instructions above, but I was unable to reproduce this issue. If it’s not too much trouble to post a video, I’d be interested in seeing it.

Ok after another test I think I may have figured is out.

I changed the weather station I was using and the temp icon it not disappearing.

I was using “Northeast HS” in 19152 zip code and with that station the temp icon has the disappearinng issue.

Then just for the heck of it I switched to “Northeast Philadelphia Airport” also 19152 Zip code and now the temp icon is not disappearing anymore.

Then I switched to "Rockledge,PA (Fox Chase Farm Abraham Lincoln HS) also in 19152 zip code and the temp icon starting disappearing again.

I have not tried any other station yet. But it seems the disappearing temp icon issue maybe have something to do when getting weather updates from station from schools?

Mike can you test these stations please? And if you still do not see the disappearing temp icon issue then I will upload a small video for you.

Thanks and I hope I explained this good enough for you to understand.

Here is a video showing the Temp icon disappearing!


This was just one example of how the temp icon can happen.

I have even seen the temp icon disappear by itself without me even clicking “Update” from the main menu. I bet it happens when Weather Watcher is getting the update in the backround. But it is a random thing.

I was able to reproduce the issue using the weather stations above. I don’t think the weather station matters… it seems it’s just more noticeable when switching to a new weather station. The icon was briefly disappearing while updating, and I think mousing over it and/or dragging it during updates was making it even more noticeable and/or preventing it from refreshing properly.

Try installing the following Weather Watcher Live build over your existing Weather Watcher Live install:


The Temp icon is still disappearing with Weather Watcher Live Build 7.0.47 with the 2 stations below that I tested.

“Northeast HS” in 19152 zip code

"Rockledge,PA (Fox Chase Farm Abraham Lincoln HS) also in 19152 zip code

And the Temp icon never disappears when using “Northeast Philadelphia Airport” also 19152 Zip code.

I will be more then happy to test more builds when they are ready with a hopeful fix [-o<

Any luck fixing this yet? :-k

Not yet.