bug report


sometimes when i shutdown weather watcher the rightmouse popup menu’s in windows xp are going to behave very strange (before i shutdown ww i have no problems)… the best way to show is an example: http://www.tweakers.net/ext/i.dsp?FotoA … l&ext=.jpg

as u see, the menu’s are partially black…

I just found a manner to solve it by disabling the ‘fade-effect’ for menu’s in windows xp… but i dont think that is the right sollution (i want to keep that nice fade effect :stuck_out_tongue: )

Maybe you have a sollution for it :wink: because i’m quitte sure this problem is related to weather watcher.

i’m using:
windows xp uk SP1
weather watcher V5.0.20c
hercules radeon 8500 with ati catalyst drivers

I’m looking into this.

really? cuz im running windows xp sp1 with windowblinds and never had that problem. ww 5.0.19