Bug in Map Manager

WW version 5.6.30

What I am trying to do is select only the maps in 3 or 4 categories (i.e. northern california, southern california, nevada, and arizona). So first I deselect all maps, then I select the arizona category and select all maps… but it selected all the available maps in all categories. When you have a specific category selected, it should select/deselect ONLY the maps in that category, yet it does it for all maps in all categories. Makes it real hard to select the maps you want.

Also, I hate the way maps are being handled now. It looks like you can only have a category and then map name. In the older versions, I could have subcategories so the menus looked neater. I’ve added 64 map links of my own to the maps, and there were 4 maps in each of 16 subcategories. So I would go to my maps, then the 16 subcategories would show, then the 4 maps under each subcategory. Now, I go to my maps, and I get all 64 in a really long menu that I have to scroll to see them all. Really not as user friendly as the old way maps were handled.

I agree. The next release will allow you to select/deselect from the listed maps.

If you create those 16 sub categories, then your setup should be pretty close to the old Map Manager style. The only difference would be that your 16 sub categories will appear in the main level of the map menu. So, you would open the map menu, see your 16 categories, and then open one of the categories to get to the 4 maps within.