Bug in "Last updated" date format and proxy troubl

I just installed WWM 1.0.4 yesterday and I am very pleased with it. It does enough without doing too much (as other PPC Weather programs do IMO) and the price is right too! :slight_smile:

On my WM5.0 PPC (HTC TyTN), the short date format is set to “dd/mmm/yy” and this works fine for the “last downloaded time” but for the “last updated time” it shows “08//07” instead of “08/Feb/07”.

I don’t think a Today plugin is necessary as I don’t need to see the weather data every time I turn on my device and I’m already struggling to fit everything I need on the tiny screen.

I can’t connect to the internet to update the forecast (from WWM) at work through a proxy (who requires identification) even if PIE works and is configured properly. However I also use Pocket Opera and it too cannot connect from the office. This is of course via ActiveSync. At home, everything is peachy, wifi and ActiveSync.