Bold, Italic, Underline for individual words; character sets


First of all I think this is a really great program, so I’d just like to say thank you for making it available.

There are a couple of things I think would be useful and others might find useful too:

  • Ability to change bold, italic and underline for individual words etc., not just the note as a whole

  • Ability to change character set. At the moment when typing in other scripts the characters change to question marks, even when the font is changed. Would it be possible to have an option to change the character set?

Thanks again

Re: Bold, Italic, Underline for individual words; character

The notes do not currently use a rich text textbox, so it’s not currently possible to apply text formatting to certain words.

StickIt is written in VB 6, which does not support unicode characters. I did find a workaround for that issue, but it is not something I could include in the StickIt installer, so it would not work for everyone.