Blurry Maps since IE8 Upgrade

Since I upgraded to IE8, some maps - particuarly the ones from Accuweather look a little blurry. I am using the PA Radar Animated one as my wallpaper and it is not as clear as it was before the browser upgrade.

Any thoughts?

Are the maps blurry if you view them directly at If that’s the case, then you should contact them since the issue is most likely being caused by their website.

No they are not, but it is on their end though. I set the URL as a desktop background locally and turned off WWL and it was blurry, so its them not you.


It sounds like your wallpaper might be stretching the image. That could certainly make it appear to be blurry.

It used to stretch it before without any problems. I am 99% sure the cause is IE8 because the first I noticed it was after the upgrade. I’ll live with it - not that big of a deal

Thanks for the help