Blank page, no data after wake from sleep

Using v7.2.218 with Win 10 v1903 build 18362.329, although this has been occurring in previous versions of Weather Watcher
All works fine unless my PC sleeps.
On awake (& after several minutes), the hourly, data, and now screens show no data.
A manual refresh doesn’t help.
After some time the data is back but don’t know when, I just open the program and it’s back.

Anything I can do so it displays data after wake from sleep

Still happens with v7.2.221.
After wake from sleep the now, hourly and POP screens show no data.
Daily screen shows data though.
Manual refresh doesn’t help.
Just discovered after reboot the 3 screens are still blank.
After awhile the data appears but I can’t say after how long or why.

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Please post some screenshots if this happens again so I can see what you’re describing.

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Will do.
I’ll install the new v7.2.222 first.
Thanks for the help.

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Uninstalled Weather Watcher Live, cleaned up leftover folders and reg entries.
Installed v7.2.222 and set up per my preferences.
Attached screenshots shows what’s happening.


Just discovered I can only attach 1 image.

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Thank you for the screenshots.

I have on last question. Does it matter how long your computer sleeps? For example, does Weather Watcher do this if you wake your computer up a few seconds after it starts sleeping?

I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue if I wake the PC a few seconds after it goes to sleep.
However, I did experience the following recently:
After wake from sleep data was there.
Then a couple auto refreshes and it was gone.
Manual refresh did nothing.
Changed to different weather station, no data.
Changed back and no data.
Manual refresh and data is available.

Sometimes I do see the issue if I wake the PC a few seconds after it goes to sleep, sometimes not.
Frustrating to look at the weather forecast in Weather Watcher live and see nothing and still nothing after a manual refresh.
I have to look at my cell phone to see weather for the upcoming week.
My Win 10 v1903 was a clean install and I have zero issues with any other apps.
Hard to believe I’m the only user of this program experiencing this issue.

Nobody else has mentioned it yet. That usually means the issue is unique to a computer or computer setup.

Would it be okay if I have you run a test Weather Watcher build that logs some test data while it runs – so I can see what it’s doing internally when your computer wakes up?

Thanks for the assistance!

Still waiting for the “test Weather Watcher build”.

I’d still like to see the test Weather Watcher build.
This issue with no data with wake from sleep pretty much makes the program unusable for me.
I enabled the logging available within the options but I don’t see that the data is of any use concerning the issue with wake from sleep.

Yes, I know you’d like to see it. I will send it to you via email when it’s ready to go.

Sorry, I misunderstood.
I thought you already had developed a test build.
I’ll watch for the email.

FYI, I uninstalled the latest version, cleaned up leftover folders, and registry entries.
I installed Weather Watcher Live 7.2.203 which I had archived on my PC.
After testing for close to a week I can tell you it does not have the issues with blank info after wake from sleep or even sometimes after cold starting my PC.
It does not exhibit the issues that cropped up in some later version and then continued through subsequent releases.
Also, manual refresh always results in populated info.

Thank you for that info. I took a look through the changes made since that build, but I didn’t see anything that should have caused that issue.

I just emailed you the test version of Weather Watcher.

Thank you Mike!
Is it possible to access versions after 7.2.203?
I’d like to determine when the issue actually started.
By the way, v7.2.203 is working great.
Possibly twice in the last several days I found a blank page but it immediately populated when I manually refreshed.

I don’t have them available for download anywhere.