Blank Map

I’m getting a blank map with 7.2.192. This has actually been an issue for my computer going back to 7.2.183. My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium.

What do you see when opening this map?

I get a pop-up window with the main window Map area still blank. I’m hoping to get a Map that loads automatically like it used to in the Main window when I open WWL

I’m wondering if you’re missing some files from the installation. I see the image at the bottom, right corner of the “Now” section is displaying as an X (which means the file is missing).

Download a new Weather Watcher installer here and install it over top of your current version of Weather Watcher. If the same thing happens after reinstalling, then try starting Weather Watcher by right-clicking the Weather Watcher shortcut and choosing “Run as administrator”.

I tried installing the latest WWL (.197) over the previous installation and I tried running WWL as an Administrator. Neither one of these attempts resolved the issue. I also tried uninstalling WWL and installing an older version that had worked in the past, but still had the blank map area and missing file issue. I did notice that the uninstall was not completely clean, some settings were left behind even though the key was removed.

Actually, my middle aged memory misspoke. .197 fixed the map issue; it now appears in the main window. The missing logo file beneath the wnd and pressure is still missing, but that is not a big deal from my point of view. Just thought I’d let you know.