BlackJack II

Not everything shows up on my BlackJack II.

What exactly does that mean?

Weather problems BJII

Well the windows show up but the options to chose anything aren’t there like choosing a new city

When you start Weather Watcher Mobile, what do you see at the bottom left and right of your screen? You should see “Update” and “Menu”.

I am having the same problem on my Blackjack II.

Seems like I can’t select an active city. I got to the menu to choose the active city, but the list is empty.

I am seeing “Update” and “Menu” at the bottom of the screen.

Any help would be great, I’d love to get this program running. Seems like it will be great.


clucania, try the following:

1) Click Menu --> Options…

2) Click General --> Cities

3) Click Menu --> Add City by Name

4) Enter the name of your city and click Ok

5) Choose your city from the results and click Select City