Beware of Free Weather

Occasionally ads appear on this website’s Home page for a product called Free Weather. And a check of their webpage (</font id=“size1”>) shows an image that looks VERY similar to Weather Watcher.

Well, should you be tempted to try this appealing competitor be advised, it comes as a part of ADVANCED SEARCHBAR, for IE. It is in fact one of 58 additions that will be added to your system. [:(!]

The only good thing I can say about this fine product is that Free Weather and ADVANCED SEARCHBAR can be uninstalled via the standard Windows’ Control Panel’s Add or Remove Programs function. That plus a good recent Restore Point and you’re all set. [:)]


I tried that program a while ago just to see what it was all about… It’s just a scam to get you to install a bunch of adware/spyware. It’s a shame that people write software solely for that reason.

I was interested in seeing what icons they were using. [;)]

I don’t think the author of the weather utility wrote it to be used by Searchbar. I suspect the latter either bought it or is simply using it for their own purpose. [}:)]


Sad, but true. The main reason why I like Weather Watcher so much (other than the extreme weather here) is it was the first weather app I found that didn’t have a spyware payload. Many thanks to Mr. Singer.