Better skinned tooltip window?


:-s Looks like a Tooltip on steroids. :lol: Underlining the Location would distinquish it from the labels. Or make it larger. Or a different color. hmmmm like the 1st and 3rd options, especially if red is used.

The ability to add a picture below the weather icon, dynamically located near the bottom, would be nice. :icon_smile: The default could be an enhanced WW logo but the client could have the option to choose a picture of loved one/s.

Hopefully it won’t get hidden behind other windows for IE 7 users.

I’ve been using IE 7 for a while now… haven’t noticed any problems.

And I reverted back to IE 6 because there were. And a couple of other users have mentioned problems with it also. Here’s the most recent; … highlight=

I have added the following tooltip properties:

? LocationFontFace
? LocationFontColor
? LocationFontSize

? DescFontFace
? DescFontColor
? DescFontSize

? FontFace
? FontColor
? FontSize

The Location properties can be set to change the look of the city name. The Desc properties can be set to change the look of the description labels (e.g. Condition, Temp).

The last three properties properties set the look of the rest of the text. If the Location and/or Desc properties are not set, all of the text will use the last three properties.

Here are the contents from a sample tooltip skin file:



This new functionality will be available in Weather Watcher 5.6.17.

Excellent additions!!! :thumbright:

How about font attribute, like bold, underline, etc.?

Let’s try this for now. I can always add more features :cool:

Aw, come on. It’s a minor tweak. Good grief. No fair.

You got kids Mike? :icon_smile:

Kids? No. Does a daily boatload of e-mail count? :iconbiggrin: