Beta 5 Tray Icon's background color

Something interesting I stumbled onto. If I change my Tray Icon’s Background Color from a maroon to a Basic white it becomes transparent instead!!! With or without the Make Transparent option checked.

Not a major problem, I can set the color to be a very light grey, but I also notice that the Current Condition Image’s background is now transparent. Again, with or without the Make Transparent option checked.

And in restoring my Font & Background colors to what they were originally, the Icon doesn’t look the same. The bottom of the numbers is getting cut off. And of course the Current Condition Image’s is still transparent now.

Something t’aint right.

BTW Tray Icon Font is Courier New, 9 point, Bold.


If I change the font’s color from white to a light grey the bottom of the numbers in the icon appears. There is something going on with the color white.
Hue:160 Sat:0 Lum:238 Red:252 Green:252 Blue:252 works.
Hue:160 Sat:0 Lum:240 Red:255 Green:255 Blue:255 doesn’t work.

I’ll check it out.