Beta 2 working fine.

Installed beta 2 over beta 1 and it’s working fine.

Cingular 8125 WM5 Pocket PC Phone Edition.

WWM installed on storage card. :icon_smile:

Thanks for keeping me updated. I have only heard back from a few people, so I’m not sure how many people actually tried the application. Perhaps some of them are waiting for “beta” to drop from the title :icon_smile:

I’m not sure if you’ve done anything to publicize the app.

I read your RSS feed, and that’s where I heard about it.

If you want to get it into the head of MS Mobile enthusiasts, post an announcement at some of these sights:

They’re pretty high readership sites, and these readers will likely be happy to try and to offer opinions on WWM.

Thanks for the links :icon_smile:

You’re welcome. :icon_smile:
The posts were great with such big screenshots! I’m sure you’ll get a lot of traffic now that you have this exposure.

Mike, here’s another site (where I’ve found about 95% of the software running on my iPaq) that you might want to sumbit WW Mobile.

Thanks for the link. I created an account there and attempted to submit Weather Watcher… it looks like they are having some trouble with their system though. Their website kept telling me to log in after successfully logging in :neutral:

Not sure if I should start a new thread for this or not so I’ll just add it here and let the PTB decide.

Installed ww102b this evening on my iPaq hx2415. Installed with a cab (through CabInstall) to my SD card. The app loaded quick and looks good, updated the weather info and it displays just fine in all modes except hourly. When I clicked that tab it displays info for Saturday only, today being Sunday (just after midnight, so I guess it’s now Monday).

That said, it’s a lovely app and I can’t wait to follow it along as it matures. Nice job Mr. Singer! :iconbiggrin:

PS: Found my way over here after reading about WW on (via a Google search for "weather, “Pocket PC”)

Just a followup, I just set the “hours of data” downloaded to 48, updated the weather info and now it displays all of Monday and Tuesday. I kind of expected it to show all of Sunday (in my previous post, I had hours set to 24) and all of Sunday and Monday with this attempt. Regardless, it no longer shows hourly data from over 24 hours ago so no big deal.

There is a glitch in’s data. For some reason, it always shows and extra day around midnight - 2 AM.