Best Weather Stations

I am planning on buying a new home weather station and was wondering if people could give me some recommendations.

What brands and models are best? Do some work better than others with Weather Watcher Live?
Any helpful suggestions are welcome.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I like Davis weather stations. I’m currently using an older version of this weather station:

Here's a less expensive model:
If you decide to buy a Davis weather station, you'll also need this device to retrieve the weather station data and send it to the Internet (so it's accessible in Weather Watcher):
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Thanks Mike.

I’ve been looking at the Davis brand.
What’s the difference between Internet Weather Stations vs PC Connect Weather Stations?

At this site, you can select from either type.

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Not sure. That would be a good question to ask that website owner (since they created those categories).

There are three types of weather stations:

  • Those that just display weather data and don’t allow you to send it to a computer or the Internet
  • Those with built-in software that can send weather data to specific websites (like
  • Those with some type of dongle that connect the console to a computer to retrieve the weather data (what I’m using)
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Which one is best to display them all like I see on Weather Watcher Live?
The second and third type?

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They have real good tech support and repair services.

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The first type wouldn’t work for that purpose since it can do nothing but display the data. If you decide to choose a weather station of the second type, then make sure it can send data to the weather service of your choice. If you go for the third type, you can send your data anywhere.

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Are you referring to Davis? Which weather station are you using?

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I’ll go with the third dongle type than, Mike.

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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It appears that they mostly use Weather Underground.

Yes, most weather stations are set up to send data to Weather Underground. With some extra work, many of them can send data elsewhere too.

Thanks for all the info, Mike. :+1: