Below Zero

I have found that it is almost impossible to read the tiny font when the temperature falls below zero. I’m using Windows 7. Above zero, I use font size 8 which is very readable. Once below zero, the minus size is ok for a single digit. It even works up to -11. Any other digits are then cut off. To remedy I switch to a size 6 font which is hardly readable at all. I would like to see you add the ability to change “color” when below zero. You now have change colors for below freezing, but it would be very and more beneficial for a color change below zero. Then there would be no need to change font sizes all the time. Please consider.

I forgot to mention that if I had the ability to change color for below zero, I could then “hide” the negative sign. Then I could still keep font size 8. Thank You

Thanks for sharing your suggestion. I think that would be a great addition and solve that problem for locations where the temperature goes down to a double negative number. I’ll make a note to add this in an upcoming release.

I’m glad you like my idea. But to maybe help others, I think I have found a solution, at least it works for me. Since I posted I started playing with fonts and found a few that actually work with a larger size and are very readable showing the minus sign plus 2 digits. I finally started using microsoft sans sertif as the font, normal style, and size 8. It is very readable and shows everything crystal clear. Just thought I’d pass this on for others who might have the same problem. But a change in color would also be beneficial. Changing the color at freezing could show me a 10 above and no minus sign for a 10 below which is very common in any single day.

I’ve still been playing and have decided the color change below zero would be the most beneficial of all. My previous font selection is fine as long as the temp is -15, or any temp with a 1 as one of the digits. Once two wider digits are used (-22) you’re in trouble again. Thanks for listening.

Mike, just wondering if you still plan on implementing my suggestion on a background color change for temps below zero? There have been a couple of program updates lately and I have yet to see that show up. It would really help on this end as far as readability for the temperatures in the systray. Eliminating the need for a minus sign would allow for a much larger font. Thanks.

Yes, I will be adding this soon. I’ll post a note here when that build is ready.

Below is a link to the new build. You can install it over top of your existing Weather Watcher Live installation.

Sorry I missed your post Mike with the new build link. However I see my suggestion is included with the new update that I downloaded this morning. Thank you for doing this as it will now be much better for those of us who have frequent double zero temps. Plus now I’m able to use a larger font and it will be much easier to read. Thanks again!

Wayne :icon_smile:

Please explain what is the difference between “below zero” and “below freezing”. AFAIK the freezing temperature is 0 degrees Celsius. What I’m missing?

mhg, for you, there is no difference. The freezing temperature for me is 32°F though. That setting might make more sense if it was labeled as “Temperature Is Negative”.