Beaufort scale information

I think will be good, to add Beaufort scale.
Example: when wind speed is: 5.5–7.9 m/s to show anywhere “Beaufort number” with some color like temp on hourly section. And on mouseover maybe to show information like: for Beaufort number: 4 (Moderate breeze): (5.5–7.9 m/s) -> “Dust and loose paper raised. Small branches begin to move.”.

For more infomation: Beaufort_scale

This would be cool if it can be added.

I don’t know how many people would benefit by seeing the Beaufort scale. So, it would have to be an option if anything.

Adding the Beaufort descriptions to the daily forecast could be useful for everyone though. For example, instead of “Winds less than 5 mph”, you’d see something like “Calm to light air less than 5 mph”.

Adding descriptions would be nice, thanks.