Barometric pressure history

Is the history data kept by the individual stations? I ask because I can go to one station in my zip code and have no problem with the history, but go to another station within the same zip code and have it tell me that the history is unavailable.

Also, a question about history. Would it be possible for WWL to store data locally, like pressure readings over a specified period that you can call up when you want it, rather than going to WeatherBug’s history feature? I like to see the trends (history) over time and a simple bar graph would be fine.

The history is only available at Each weather station should link to different history data. WeatherBug’s support should be able to assist if you have any trouble using that feature on their website.

You can use the “Advanced” --> “Log” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window to log any data that is available from within Weather Watcher Live. A new line of data will be logged each time the weather is retrieved.