Ballon on Task Bar not showing correct current Wind Speed.

Weather Watcher Live 7.0.92

Using Zip Code: 70301, Thibodaux LA (Abby Lakes)

After using Retrieve Weather.

Ballon on Task Bar not showing correct current Wind Speed. It is showing Wind Direction 0f 202.5 degrees and Wind Speed of 2 mph.

When I open the Weather Watcher Live window the wind speed is listed as Wind Direction 0f 295.5 degrees and Wind Speed of 11 mph.

This is right after retriveing the current weather update.

FYI, wind direction is normally shown as the direction the wind is blowing from. That means the direction is “W” when the wind gauge is pointing toward “E”. If you click “SETTINGS” at the bottom of the main Weather Watcher Live window, you can flip the arrow.

Right after retrieving the weather, Weather Watcher Live will start downloading realtime updates. When that happens, you will see the data in the main window update. The data in the system tray tooltip should update too – but, it might require that you mouse over the icon again to refresh the window.

If you have “Wind Changes” checked in the “Show Tray Balloon Tip When” list at the bottom of the “Tray Icon” --> “Tooltip” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window, then the balloon message is going to show the wind value that is retrieved when the weather is updated. When the realtime updates kick in and the wind updates again right away, the balloon message will still show whatever was downloaded when the weather information was last retrieved. The realtime updates happen often for most weather stations, so those changes do not trigger the balloon message to appear.

I hope that helps. If not, please give me some more information about what doesn’t seem to be working properly.