AutoUpdate options for maps

I would like to see the following options (for each map, not one setting globally) when configuring maps:

AutoUpdate: Yes / No
AutoUpdate frequency: 2 hrs, 1 hr, 30 min, 15 min, custom
ForceUpdate: Yes / No

The AutoUpdate could simply compare the timestamp on the currently displayed map against the timestamp on the image on the remote server. If the currently displayed map has the same timestamp, no download is necessary. If there’s a new map, it would be downloaded. If timestamp checking doesn’t work for some reason on a given map (or maps), the ForceUpdate option would simply download the map on the AutoUpdate schedule, regardless of whether the map is new or not.

I realize this might increase average CPU load, and could affect network utilization (especially, e.g, a user had 30 maps opened simultaneously and had a Force AutoUpdate set to once per second). However, I think a simple / clear warning about how the settings could affect workstation performance would cover it.

Thanks for your consideration!