Auto user post processing

It would be useful if WW would support user processing after installing the WW update and prior to starting WW.exe.

I keep my map.ww additions as a separate file which makes it easy to merge with the WW install version. A simple .cmd file merges my file with the WW file and it would be very convenient to have the WW update install execute that .cmd file before restarting WW.exe.

A generic approach would be to test for the presence of a .cmd file named WWpost.cmd and if found in the WW folder executed. End users could then customize such a file to fit their individual needs.

maps.cmd @echo off title Add My maps ren Maps.ww WWmaps.ww copy MapsMine.ww Maps.ww copy Maps.ww+WWmaps.ww Maps.ww if errorlevel = 1 echo Map update error&pause > nul

MapsMine.ww"Mine","","" "","NE Radar","" "","USA radar","" "","TWC Beta Satellite Map","" "","TWC - Microsoft Virtual Earth ",""