"auto retry every minute when update fails" ?

when my WW starts up with Windows and it starts before my PC has connected to Internet, WW is unable to retrieve forecast… it is normal. But I dont understand why WW has to wait till the next update interval to retrieve forecast instead of updating it right after the internet connection is established? The option “auto retry every minute when update fails” is activated… that is the sence of this option , doesnt it?
what is wrong?

The better option to use is the one on the Option’s General tab, Pause 30 seconds before retrieving forecast…. It’s the one I use.

I don’t use the one you’re using.

what means better option… in my case better is to retrieve the whole time till it finds the internet connection. But this seems not to work?!

“Better option” means a. it currently exists and b. is designed to solve the problem you are describing.

But you can wait for something different if you choose.

but A. it doesnt solve my problem and B. there is another option which could solve it but is also doesnt :-s

So you’re using both options?!! Oh. I misunderstood. :oops:

cska133, is the “Only attempt to download data…” checkbox checked in the “Internet” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window?

no, it is not checked

“retrieve forecasts on startup” and “auto retry every minute when update fails” are checked, but still if WW starts some seconds before my Internet connection it doesnt updateright after the internet connection is established but waits until the next update interval (in my case 30min).

“Pause 30 seconds before retrieving forecast” also doesnt help…

well, Mike I think this is a bug doesnt it?

cska133, yes, and I have a fix :icon_smile: However, I have some other things to complete before I release the build that contains the fix. I’ll probably have everything finished up this afternoon i[/i].

good to read that I was right :wink: And much better to read that you fixed it Mike:-)
Please post I short message here when you release the fix, cause I m getting notified about messages in this post. I will try it than but give me how to set the option settings with this fix to check if it works…


Here’s an update:

well Mike I dont understand now what is going on. My update interval is to update every 30min, but WW is retrieving forecasts every 5-6 min :shock:

any idea?

Here’s a fix: