Asylum GeForce FX 5200 256MG AGP

I am going to sell this card on eBay… just wanted to see if anyone was interested before I take it there. I used it for about 6 months (bought a new computer). It’s in excellent condition. I have the original box and everything that came in it.

$75 including shipping? Please contact me if you’re interested.

An FX5500 can be had for $59 on NewEgg … 6814143059

as can the FX5200 … 6814133010

EdP, neither of those cards are comparable. You get what you pay for :iconbiggrin:

does it have dual monitor support?

It doesn’t say anything about that on the box, so I am guessing it does not support dual monitors.

ok… thanks anyways… If I’m going replace my 128mb vid card I wanna get one with dual support as well… Someday in the next year I hope to go back to dual monitors… I really miss having that feature!!!

I’d like to do the same… just have to get a bigger desk first :cool:

yeah… my desk was/is big enough if I cleaned it off… I used to have a 19" and 17" CRT monitors but one of them crapped out on me so now i’m down to just the 17" CRT. I really wanna get an LCD though and then down the line add a 2nd LCD… just major $$$ for that… $$$ which I don’t have right now. LMAO.

Way OT here, but… :icon_smile:

I just got this monitor a few months ago:

I highly recommend it :thumbright:

Oh… and I sold my video card today.