App for Android?

Mike have you ever considered creating a Weather Watcher Live App for Androids? I imagine there would be one huge market out there with phones and tablets now in the mix. I now I have a tablet (my son gave it to me for Christmas) and I’d love your program to be on it if it was available. I tried a search on your forums to see if it was ever suggested and came up with no results.

I agree that there is a huge market for mobile weather apps. Unfortunately, it’s a freeware and adware market. That’s not something I’m able to take part in since I must pay for access to the weather data I use.

I knew there had to be a reason why and I’m glad I asked. We have a local TV station that has a news app and I noticed today they also have a free weather app. I put it on my tablet and it seems to be pretty good so at least I have something even if it isn’t as good as the “great” program I have on my pc. Thanks for listening.

I’m still trying to persuade you to come up with a mobile version for android phones and tablets. What I’m using now leaves a lot to be desired and I’m sure if you developed one, it would put all others to shame. Have you thought about how having one could be used as a selling tool? Kind of a “free mobile with a paid subscription” thing just like HBO GO, Max Go, and many others, who offer this with paid subscriptions. Doing that might entice a lot more users to have you on their pc’s and also on their mobiles thus increasing your sales. Wish you would reconsider. Thanks for listening.

Free is not an option. I don’t know of any quality sources of weather data that give away their data for free.

But don’t you already pay for the weather information that you’re now using? Do you mean to tell me you’d have to pay twice? I see some of my stuff comes from Weather Underground and I’m sure that isn’t free. Guess I’m just not well versed in how things are run on that end of the business. If you had an Android mobile version, I’d probably junk the one on my pc and go for that instead. It would be a heck of a lot more advantageous to go that route.

Companies who collect and distribute weather data do not want to do double the work for free. I know a lot of people think of weather data as something that’s free, but there really are a lot of costs involved in collecting and distributing it.