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Anybody else having this issue 7.2.245 Slow updating.

Today when I launch or try to update WWL, the progression bar go to about 50% and hangs.
It takes one or two minutes to go to 100%.
This happened in 7.2.224 also.

Mike, what is causing this delayed update?
What can we do tho correct this issue.

I’m having the same issue whwn refreshing. It goes about 50% then stop. It will finish but it hangs for a while.

Today my WWL is updating properly. It is not hanging at 50% for minutes.
I did not change any setting on WWL or my computer.
I have no explanation why it is updating properly now.
Are you still experiencing the hang?

Thanks, I just checked and mine is also working fine. Like you, I didn’t change any setting.
Even if I change weather stations it refresh fine.

I’m thinking Mike Singer read this post and tweaked something.
This glitch didn’t fix itself.
Glad to read you are up and running also!
Take care.

My thought exactly. I have WWL on two computers and they both just started working fine.Thanks

I’m running 7.2.241 and having the same problem.

Sorry about that . Mine is now working fine now. I didn’t make any changes to the system. It just started working. Not sure why!!!

After I made that post I checked to see if there was a more recent version. There was, I installed version 7.2.245 and now it is showing the temperature the way it should, so everything is fine now.