Annoying Glitch.

I’m not sure if this is a glitch are if it’s intentional, It’s exceptionally annoying eitherway.

Version: 6.0.22

Everytime I open my Web Browser or a shortcut to any Internet site, Weather Watcher pops up the system tray weather update screen.

Once I move my mouse it disappears.

It really is annoying & if it can’t be sorted I’ll remove it altogether.

I hope I do get a resolution, it’s a nice little porgy… 8-[

I have some questions for you:

1) Which version of Windows are you using?

2) Which web browser (including version) are you using?

3) How do you open your web browser?

4) Is your mouse pointer anywhere near the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon when you open your web browser?

This example is opening IE7 (Google Homepage) from the start menu shortcut. Weather Watcher waits there but disappears as soon as I move my mouse???