Animated Wallpaper

Problem with Animated Wallpaper.

When I select an animated wallpaper from the maps list, the image does not move as wallpaper. Why? Can it be made to move?

The image I have selected is US Tenneessee AccuWx Radar/Satellite (Animated)

I am running WW5630 under Win XP Pro.


Do you have the WW Wallpaper option set to use the Windows Active Desktop option?

Now NO Map

I made that change. The computer switched to active desktop, but the map disappeared altogether.

Next, I found the map I want on AccuWx and saved it as a new desktop item and made sure that was checked under Display Properties > Desktop > Custom> Web.



Are you running Vista? I seem to recall reading something somewhere that maps have reduced functionality in Vista but I can’t comfirm that. Maybe Mike can expound on that.