animated map for West Europa

is there a animated map for West Europa, I need the clima conditions over West Europa?

Something like this work for you? … Start=true

Adjust the &lat and &long values to fit your needs.

I dont understand what is this? There is no animation, no current weather conditions… I need something like to see how the clouths, cyclons are moving…

:oops: Oops!!

Try it now. … Start=true

ok, this look nicer :slight_smile:

I just have to add this link in WW Maps, right?



But you may want to play with some of the URL parms to see if a slightly different map better suits your needs/desires. In addition to changing the map’s center, ie the &lat and &long values, you can change the &initialZoomLevel higher or lower and it’s size &viewPortWidth/Height.


You should add a World TWC map that uses the “sat” option in the URL in addition to the two that use “radar”. The radar option isn’t effective everywhere.

EdP, thanks, will do.

at first I d like to change this:
the map looks for me as shown in the screenshot. Can I have the map bigger, to fit my window?

Yes. Change “it’s size &viewPortWidth/Height” values. Try &viewPortWidth=1200 and &viewPortHeight=900. And if those don’t give you what you want adjust accordingly.

Note making the map bigger will enlarge the area that the map covers. To keep the area the same adjust the &initialZoomLevel value. Try &initialZoomLevel=6.

now it looks like that, it is ok for me.
But I didnt understand about the center. I d like to have the map more up (nord) and more to the right(east)= more to the Nord-East. Which value do I have to adjust?

Increase the the &lat and &long values, &lat for North, &long for East. Initially change just the tenth’s value. Once you see the impact and feel comfortable making the changes repeatedly you can change either the whole numbers or the smaller decimal digits.

If you have time, and a lot of patience, you can center it right over where you are. Adjusting the ZoomLevel also you can narrow it down to your house or apartment. :lol: