makes donations easier

Hey Mike:

Have you thought about giving those of who want to donate a choice of the online means to do so?

Pay Pal is nice but I find it a bit cumbersome because I use a lot. Using Pay Pal is just yet another login ID and p***word I have to remember. And Amazon’s patented “One-Click” payment feature sure would make it easier for me to donate when I am able.

In fact I just used it today to make a donation to (an excellent place to get online techsupport by the way).

Well - this is for you think about.

Thanks, again, for all your hard work with the Weather Watcher!!

Sure, I’ll check it out. I didn’t even know Amazon offered such a service.

I tried looking around for this… I wasn’t able to find it though. Do you have a direct link to it?

Hello Mike:

Here is the link you requested to check out the Honor System

I reviewed it and it does require you to register with Amazon before you can display their link.

Hope you find this useful - it would certainly help making donations easier to do.



Here’s the link: