All tabs blank

WWM installed and opened with no problems. However, when it opens every tab is completely blank. Now, daily, hourly, map, all of them are blank. Does anyone know what could cause this?

Mike, I love WW on my PC so much, I’m really anxious to have it on my new mobile :thumbright:

Thanks for any help you can give. Please let me know if I should post more info.

Did you try clicking “Update” from the bottom, left of Weather Watcher Mobile?

Yes, I tried hitting update. The update appeared to be succeswful (there were not errors or anything like that) however, everything was still blank. I also tried rebooting the mobile.

Do you have any other suggestions I can try?

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:


Hi Mike and others,

I have it working now! I was searching by zip code, and I wasn’t getting any errors or anything, just all the tabs were blank.

Well, now I tried searching by the name of my city instead of by zip code and now it works great! Don’t know why this works, but it did.

Thanks again, Mike, for developing such a great program. I use it at my work PC, my home PC and now my mobile.

Anybody else see this phenomenon?

Hi Mike and others,

I installed this great program 3 months ago to my pocket pc Ipaq HX2750 WM2003SE and worked great. (I dont remember wich version I installed…)

But last week I had to hardware reset my ppc, and now Im having this problem (tabs blank).

Im from Monterrey Mexico, and I already did the same I did 3 months ago when this app worked fine… I search by name: Monterrey, Mexico, finds it, then update without problems, but all tabs appear blank…

Of course I have dot net 2.0 installed, and everything its working great, except this great app :frowning:

I already tried with versions: 1.0.17, 1.0.12 (for pocket pc of course) and I have the same problem… so, I dont know what to do now.
Im trying to find 1.0.10 version or some other for pocket pc to see if that works…

I hope you can save me Mike or some other member of this great page.