Alerts showing, when they should not

WWL 7.1.140
Win8.1 Pro x64
Default name of station in use: Concord, NC (Concord Airport)

I had not been using WWL, and just did a new install today.

I have all alert types enabled except for “Air Quality Alert”. Just now, however, a WWL alert window and tray balloon for an air quality alert appeared. The tray icon text and background did not change (it would have been obvious if it did, since I have the alert tray icon set to be yellow text on a red background).

So, it’s as if WWL is mostly, but not completely, ignoring the fact that I want to ignore air quality alerts.

Earlier today, my area had a thunderstorm warning, and the alert window appeared, and the tray icon changed correctly. (I did not see the balloon appear, but I may have simply missed it.)

That’s an odd one. I just tried to reproduce that scenario (since the alert is still available) and found it did not appear for me (as expected).

Maybe try unchecking one of the alerts, saving, reverting that check box, and saving again. That’ll cause your selected alerts to be updated.

Tried that, still happens. Just got yet another air quality alert.

Also got an alert earlier from counties other than my own, which echoes the same problem I had the last time I tried using WWL.

Thanks for emailing your settings. It would be helpful if you would send me your settings the next time that alert pops up. That way I’ll be able to see what Weather Watcher saved in the registry.

I’m not sure if the other issue is related. It looks like a WeatherBug website caching issue. The issue we’re discussing here doesn’t involve linking back to WeatherBug.