Alerts Not Working?

Besides the sound alert, is there supposed to be a balloon that pops up when there is a weather watch or warning? There has been severe weather alerts for the past 3 days where I live and I have seen no warnings or heard any sounds (which I have added) from Weather Watcher.

There use to be.

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How does one get rid of all the blank space?

OK, I did get the sound alert but no pop-up. Is there supposed to be one. The reason I ask is because I don’t always have my speakers on to hear the alerts.

Do you have the option set to show the tray ballon? It’s on the Option’s Tray Icon tab about 4 options from the top.

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DrRock, here is the option you need to enable:

Isn’t that what I said? [:)]

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Does this balloon show just once or is it supposed to pop up until it is acknowledged? If it just pops up once upon each alert then maybe I was peeing or something when it popped up.

If the screen saver comes on the alert pops up when the screen saver goes away, ie when you come back to the pc. It will reappear if you change cities, ie go to one without an alert then return to one with it. It does stay on the screen for quite awhile but not indefinitely.

The Current Forecast screen shows the alert flag until it has past.

There’s a website that shows all the alerts within the USA. I may have posted it here once upon a time so a Search may help. Once you find an area with severe conditions, add a city in the effected area to WW and you can test how alert settings work.

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Thanks guys. The alerts work just fine. I should have tested it out by changing cities before I bothered you.

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Isn't that what I said? [:)]
Yes... we cross posted [8D]