Alert Sounds

Is it possible to have the option to only have audible alert for certain watch’s and warnings not all. For example: If we had a tornado watch for our area the alert might just say Tornado watch in your area, but if there was Tornado Warning it would sound a Siren. Also, maybe I don’t want to have a sound for the Thunderstorm watch, but maybe a warning. But a different sound then the Tornado warning.

Something like:

Audio Alert Alert type Alert Sound
Yes or No Tornado Warning Tornado Siren
Yes or No Tornado Watch Speaking voice
Yes or No Thunderstorm Warn Thundercloud
Yes or No Thunderstorm Watch Heavy down poor

That way if I were sleeping I could turn off the Thunderstorm watch and warning and only alert me if a Tornado were near our area.


Great idea. I’ll put this on my to-do list to revisit once I finish resolving the version 7 issues.