Alert sound - option of periodic

I like having a sound play when a severe weather alert is posted - nice feature.

But the choices of once or continuous don’t fit my office environment.

If the alert is posted while I’m at a meeting - and I have it set to once - I don’t hear the sound at all. If I have it set to continuous, it drives the nearby people nuts til I get back.

I’d like to set it to once every - 15 minutes, say - or maybe 10…

This same suggestion applies to WWA.

If I’m sitting near you and you go to a two hr meeting and then lunch and your pc beeps or whatever every few minutes while your gone at a minimum you won’t have speakers when you return, if you’re allowed to return. [-(

A better approach imo is to set your WW icon to update if dbl clicked and when you return dbl click it to get the current weather conditions, including alerts.

If I had the memory to always do x - I wouldn’t need the very concept of alerts and any extra notification. But notifications are a good enough idea to exist in WW with options. This is making it better.

And unplugging the speakers is what they did for the incessant chirping. Given the other commotion in the area, a beep every 15 minutes wouldn’t even be noticed.

When an alert pops up isn’t there a RED banner across the weather forecast indicating that there is an alert outstanding?

When the Window’s screen saver is on and WW is set to be inactive during that time, when the screen saver is exited and WW reactivates doesn’t it reload the weather data and any alerts at that time? Thus when you come back from your meeting and or lunch evrything is automatically updated for you?