Airport name change

HI Mike
Jan Smuts South Africa airport was changed 8 years ago to O R Tambo, but for travellers from overseas, to SA, the airport boards will say JHB International,so not sure what you would like to change it to, but I guess Johannesburg International or just plain JHB.INT would be ok. They didnt rename any other airports here , except Pietersburg changed to Polokwane International ( I dont know why its even named International the runway is to small for anything except for a rubber band wind and go plane…



You could make that recommendation to WeatherBug. They maintain the list of their weather station locations.

In Weather Watcher Live, you can change the name of a weather station using the “Edit Station…” button in the “Stations” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window. That won’t fix the problem at the source, but it’ll at least fix it for you locally.


Des Moines Airport was allowed to change their name to the Des Moines International Airport simply by having the customs office open 24 hours instead of a set time. I think that is all that is required no matter what size the airport actually is.