Again an update issue


I have the most current version of WW installed on my office PC. We have to use a proxy server to connect to the Internet. There is one proxy provided by the domain controllers and an additional proxy that I have used from time to time by manually editing IE’s connection settings. The proxy is usually changed back after a couple of minutes regarding on how often the settings are being updated by the domain controllers in the network.

Just two weeks ago the additional proxy server stopped working. Now I am only using the one provided by the domain controllers. From this time on WW stopped updating. It keeps telling me it is not able to connect to the Internet. I uninstalled and reinstalled WW, rebooted the machine and manually deleted everything left over by the last WW installation. But nothing helps.

Any advice how I can make WW to connect to the Internet again?


Have you talked to your company’s IT people? What do they suggest? They’re the experts of their WAN/LAN. It’s possible they put a filter in to stop WW traffic.

No, that is not the problem. I checked it for myself. Nothing is being blocked.


Steve, I had the same problem as you. After numerous uninstalls/re-installs w/no new results, decided to install an older version. I fell back to version 5.6.31 and had success! This is 2nd day, its auto updating like its supposed to. You may want to try and dl an older version from here: viewforum.php?f=40. Let us know how it goes.

Not very well. It’s still not connecting to the Internet.


Hi there again,

I checked again with our system admins: is definitely not being blocked by the proxy server, BUT causes the proxy to report some kind of error and it cannot display the page (and so WW cannot download weather information).

Since WW is a private program and not work relevant they will not fix the problem.


Thanks for the update Steve. Sorry to hear the problem still exists. But good to know that the problem has been pin pointed.

The best you can do at this point is befriend an IT member and ask/plead/beg them to add that URL to the accepted domain list. While it’s not directly work related, it’s not a threat and it would help keep some of the staff happy and thus more productive. :wink:

If they allow adding should be seen as safe since it’s coming from the same domain.

Good luck. :icon_smile: