Adjusting font in export file

Hi Mike! For some reason the WWL export file for my website which is generated locally changes desired font, font color and alignment for observed time and downloaded time lines only. Why is that and do I change that?!/page_USA

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Those times are inside of a table on your website. You can see that here:


How exactly is that data getting to your website?
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Hi Mike, the website looks at an upload location on a pc where WWL is running. As I understand things well an apache module of wamp server on that radio pc make that action. My Ip address plus port number is changed into an dyndns and port number. I simply copied the export template from WWL. It looks like it’s the default font of windows 10. Because when I replace my export file with your standard export a line are san serif? and black

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Can you post one of your export files here so I can see the contents?

Also, please post a screenshot of your Export Template from the Weather Watcher Options window.

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L I V E . V I D E O . C A M S !

Random From All Over The
US & Other Parts Of The World

Plus Recent Temperatures At
M a n h a t t a n
New York

Location: [STATION]
Condition: [CONDITION]
Temperature: [TEMP]
Feels Like: [FEELS]
Dew Point: [DEW]
Humidity: [HUMIDITY]
Wind: [WIND]
Barometer: [BAROMETER]
Last Update: [UPDATED]

This Is Experimental

And Needs Optimal

Internet Connections!

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new 5.txt (727 Bytes)

I left the color setting out. here is the complete one

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Use this instead:


:grinning: :upside_down_face: thanks Mike! This works!