Additional Informations

Sometimes I would find it useful to get more information in the options or in the help area.

A lot of programs have an info section where I can see e.g.

  • the actual version I’m using
  • A link to the website
  • a control for new version incl. the download

Or is it possible that simply I didn’t find it

RIGHT click the WW tray icon > click About

RIGHT click the WW tray icon > click Options > click the General tab => On Start Up => Check for new version

:scratch: If you had found it would you have written? :-s


:icon_smile: :icon_smile: Thank you ED for your informations

I wrote this because sometimes we’re looking for something that is obvious, but we don’t see it

Here in Switzerland we do have a proverb and possibly you also do know it:
“Looking for a needle in a heap of hay”

Sometimes we are also acustomed to any other standard of an application
:icon_smile: :icon_smile:

Thank you once more again

You are most welcome. Happy to have been able to help. :cool:

We have a very similar saying, “Looking for a needle in a hay stack” and it probably originates from yours.