Adding Weather watcher to a theme.

Where or What is the CLSID for the program? I want to add it to a theme I am using instead of FIZZ Weather but I don’t know where to find it.

Are you talking about adding it to the Today screen? If so, that functionality is not available.

Yes I was going to add it like a plug in to my home screen.

What would it take to make it possible for it to be added to a homescreen?
Is it a big deal? I have no clue. It would be great though!

I would have to create a Today screen plugin. I would glady crank that out if it only took a few hours to write. However, from what I could find so far, the process to create a plugin seems to be pretty cryptic.

That’s cool. If you get time that would be awesome. The only other one is Fizz Weather and it stinks. Definitely not worth buying! Check out Go to the forums and go under Q customization. There is a ton of info there that may help.