Adding weather station by number

I would like to be able to have my default weather station be Canyon Ridge High School KIDTWINF9 - a nearby school. I have zoomed in the map and still do not see this station listed. I’ve entered the station # and not found it. Is there a way to do this? It is a Weather Underground station. Here is the station data:

[SIZE=4]Personal Weather Station Info[/SIZE]
Weather Station ID: KIDTWINF9
Station Name:
Canyon Ridge High School
Madis ID:
Latitude / Longitude:
N 42 ° 35 ’ 12 ‘’, W 114 ° 29 ’ 1 ‘’
Elevation: 3645
City: Twin Falls
State: ID
Hardware: Davis Vantage Pro 2
Software: 1.10

– Hoby, in Twin Falls, Idaho

I was able to find it after zooming in pretty close. I’m not sure why Weather Underground doesn’t show it in their results until zoomed in. If you don’t see it after zooming in, try dragging the map a bit to force the area to be researched.