adding icons

i personally like tango weather icons. while it’s possible to edit extension files to add them, each new update overwrites my changes. might you be able to make it easier to add icons?

thanks/regards, …

It would be easiest to just pack that icon set in with the Weather Watcher Live Firefox extension installer. Did you already create an icon set using the Tango icons?

the tango weather icon set exists and is either packed with or available via the forecastbar enhanced extension.

do i have the capability to attach a file via the forum? if so, i can easily send it here or to an alternate e-mail address.

thanks/regards, …

I tracked down the icon set last night. I’ll rename the icons for use in Weather Watcher Live. I thought you might have already done that, so I was just checking with you before moving forward.

In the Tango icon set I have, I don’t see a snow icon. That’s pretty odd. What do you suggest be used in that case?

sorry for the confusion.

there are snow icons in the tango set for forecastbar but the flakes are round and not all that distinctive.

is that the set you’re referring to? if not, i can send it to you … would only need to know how.

I only see a night snow icon in the icon set I downloaded. Do you have a link to the icon set that you’re using?